During my first few months in Australia

A girl is working on her laptop with a small backpack and a hard drive attached to her computer.

I am learning how to say my birthday backward with the day in front of the month.

I am learning to differentiate between a Koel mating call, a Corella, and a Cockatoo.

I am learning Greek words at home and less Italian than…

Learning how to be

La Peruse Beach, Sydney Australia. There is seafoam green water surrounding white rocks. It is the edge of the cliff.

I’m still finding my footing here in Australia.

I’ve fallen in love with the Western Corellas. Today I scratched a semi-trained Corella on the head. …

Always reach for a better feeling.

There are blue-colored emojis and they are all frowning. In the middle of the blue emojis is a yellow happy-faced emoji. The happy emoji is surrounded by depressed blue emojis.

How much of our lives are spent in unhappy situations, with a partner who makes us unhappy, or in a job we hate.

In these situations, what would you do?

Would you leave the relationship or try to make it work?

Ask yourself the same question with your job.


Kelly Burns

writer and sometimes singer/composer & painter. Italian-American. INFP. I write fiction and nonfiction. www.kellyburns.com

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