Are You A Safe Space For Communication?

Some people would never share the things that are important to them because they already feel as though they would be judged.

Kelly Burns
5 min readJan 27, 2020
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Who are you when it comes to being a safe space for others to really share what is on their minds?

Sometimes people will not share what is important to them because they have already been told they are this or they are that, which does everything but encourage an environment of openness and authentic communication.

I feel what is lacking in most relationships is this honesty. The kind of honesty I am talking about is about trusting that what you say is safe with the person you are communicating to.

For many of us, this is simply not the case. Things we might have said on a bad day get anchored like steel into the ocean, leaving us stuck trying to uproot it, and it is always at risk of being the cause of severed relationships. Perhaps writing is the same.

If you cannot be honest with your co-workers, your life partner, your family, your boss, or your children, then what pretense or stuffy environment are you required to live in? This pretense is exhausting and breaks down trust and understanding among people. This is the pretense that severs relationships, gives life to…



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