How To Know When You’re Going To Get Fired

Kelly Burns
2 min readJul 3, 2021

The signs are unmistakable.

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I have been let go and fired and here are the signs.

You live five minutes from a satellite office, but you’re asked to commute two hours to the headquarters. All requests for working from home, or from the closest office, are denied.

A crucial part of your job responsibilities is taken off of your desk and is given to a colleague with less experience.

You go on vacation and you are asked to take a vacation without pay.

Your co-worker starts to question everything you do and your manager does as well. There seems to be an atmosphere of distrustfulness around you and your work.

Your office is scheduled to take a professional group photo, but you are not invited, and the team schedules the photoshoot when you are at lunch.

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Your manager is scheduled to meet with you and never arrives.

Your receptionist talks down to you and is defensive and you don’t know why.

Your boss waves a resume in your face and tells you he has many other hiring options.

HR won’t return your call, and neither will any senior managers in the company.

Every conversation is arduous and you never feel as though you have a say in anything related to your job.

You’re boss regularly relies on the opinions of the team, but you are never asked for your opinion and you are the last person your boss would come to.

Your co-workers are called into an office separately with your manager, one by one, but you are never invited for the same one-on-one meeting.

These are some signs of being let go or fired.

Know the signs and do what you can to change your circumstances before it happens to you.

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