I Am Moving To Sydney, Australia

In just a few short months

Kelly Burns
3 min readJul 19, 2021
An aerial view of the city of Sydney Australia. In the photo you can see Darling Harbor, the Harbor Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House. There are many boats in the harbor leaving white ripples in the water.
Photo by Jamie Davies on Unsplash

Beautiful Australia. It’s almost time for me to return to you and my partner whom I have not seen for 19 months, or 590 days. So much has happened since I last saw you, Australia.

I have spent a lot of time in Australia before the COVID pandemic arrived. I have traveled to Queensland and Greater New South Wales. I have not seen the many different views and towns which bring much character to the country.

I look forward to exploring more charming views and getting to know the amazingly friendly Australians.

I cannot believe this is happening. I am still concerned about when I will come back to the states, but I am also concerned about seeing my partner.

It seems like too much time has passed and I wonder if we will still recognize each other. We have both changed due to the pandemic, and yet we have held a space for each other.

I am curious about what it will be like to see him again. Will he still feel the same way?

There have been moments during the California lockdown where I thought we would have to end our relationship and never see each other again.

I have some friends who are in a similar situation and they did not withstand the separation during COVID-19. I…



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