Lights Out

Kelly Burns
1 min readAug 30, 2022

In an unknown land

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Aloft, unsettled, but dreaming still.

Silently acknowledging all that’s missing.

Parts of me scattered in places and spaces where memories hypnotize me like brass bells chiming in the wind.

If you try too hard to look for meaning you can never find it.

It doesn’t live in grandeur or Facebook photos.

Only the moments captured away from the lense, but felt fully with the heart.

Like hugging your grandmother.

You never thought it would end.

Fast forward. Too fast for you and perhaps all of us.

What do you remember of the birds outside your window?

Do you remember the rain and the way the raindrops caressed the pavement?

Do you remember the summer that seemed to last forever?

Do you remember how you kept a reminder of all of the people you have loved and lost like tattered letters in a hope chest?

Full of your life’s memories, regrets, and happiness.

Memories live outside of time.

Your life, in this moment, makes you painfully aware of time’s cruel hourglass.



Kelly Burns

writer and sometimes singer/composer & painter. Italian-American. INFP. I write fiction and nonfiction.