My First Month In Australia

Kelly Burns
4 min readOct 13, 2021

Moving to Australia seemed easier when I was onshore in America, but I am making the best of it all

Darling Harbour with a view of the Sydney Opera House and the CBD.
Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

Moving halfway across the world seemed so easy from a distance. I did have some reservations, but there was a lot about my life in America that caused so much unnecessary stress. Now that I am here, it feels quite different.

I miss so much about my American life, and I was not ready to be this homesick. But I have already employed some strategies to help get me through the initial shock of living overseas.

Since I am an Italian citizen, I always thought I would move to Italy and experience La Bella Vita, but it made no sense for me to go to Italy, particularly because I know few people in the country. I traveled to Italy and France. I fell in love with France and always dreamed about living there. But moving to France, much like Italy, would be more difficult without knowing people I could connect with.

The first thing I tried in order to feel more comfortable in Australia was to get my American news stations on Google Chrome. It helped me to adjust a little better.

Yes, the idea of moving to Australia was a lot easier, until I actually moved. In the beginning, I was brave and stoic about my decision. My friends and family kept asking why I wanted to move. No one understands why anyone would…



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