Never Trade Your Time for Money

Perhaps the cost is too expensive.

Kelly Burns


Black scrabble letters with white lettering on a wood table top. They spell out: “Work From Home.” There are other letters scattered around the “Work From Home,” phrase.
Photo by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash

That’s two years with your toddler you will never get back.

That’s time you spent being with your partner that would have never happened if you were at work.

You were able to check in on your aging parents and family instead of being hours away from them at work.

That’s time you didn’t get to spend with your elderly dog or your family pet.

Your commute time had an impact on your stress levels and your health.

If you are thinking about going back to the office, stick to your guns and say no.

Your time with your family and your health is more important than money in your bank account.

It’s all important, but if you had to choose…

No company that is worth anything should ever make an employee choose to trade their precious time for money.

You can work from home and still keep your job.

You don’t need to trade your precious time for money.

You don’t have to accept “Either/Or” situations.

You can have it all.



Kelly Burns

writer and sometimes singer/composer & painter. Italian-American. INFP. I write fiction and nonfiction.