Sorry For Disappearing

Kelly Burns
2 min readJan 30, 2023

But I’m still trying to find me.

Photo by Kelly Burns

It’s been a while since I’ve published on Medium.

I’ve been busy traveling and figuring out my next steps.

I have been quite active on LinkedIn for the past two years. You can find me there at kellyburnsprose. You might say this is where my writing efforts have migrated to.

In addition, navigating a new country, getting settled here, and finding my place has been all consuming.

On top of all of this, I also have a weak relationship with social media. I enjoy writing, but I feel exposed.

I get flack from people for posting too much of my own truth, then I get stunted creatively. I’m sure this isn’t uncommon to what any other writer feels.

So I continue to show up, check in. Write from my most authentic place, then hit that publish button.

Every time I do, it feels foreign. But it also feels liberating.

I’ve gone away to take care of me.

I’ve gone away to discover what it is I need in this new place. I’m not getting what I need emotionally yet. This is for me to figure out, navigate, and plan for. It could involve more work, travel, spiritual pursuits, family, or creative ventures. I am open for all of it and happy to take you with me along the way.

Thanks for reading my posts and for being an inspiration.

I’m glad to be back, Medium.



Kelly Burns

writer and sometimes singer/composer & painter. Italian-American. INFP. I write fiction and nonfiction.