Southwest Sojourn

Kelly Burns
Jul 18, 2021
Photo by M on Unsplash

110 degrees caught somewhere inside of a dust storm.

A Native American woman went missing while on her 9:30 a.m. walk.

Dry heat and tumbleweeds.

Kokopelli and cactus.

State troopers and a star basketball team.

Monsoon and Delta variant.

Palo Verde tree and red scorpion.

Amber alerts and endless Walmart superstores.

Abandoned street furniture and sold out storage units.

Fauci versus freedom.

Vaccine lotteries and vaccine passports.

Are women safe anywhere?

Mask mandates and the reviled unvaccinated.

Thunderstorm and lightning and a recovered body of unknown identity.

It’s OK, dear reader, I am allowed to feel it all and so are you.

I weep and I struggle with all that seems to be lost.

American greed and American fear are in full swing.

Longing to be put back in its place by those who still have a conscience.



Kelly Burns

writer and sometimes singer/composer & painter. Italian-American. INFP. I write fiction and nonfiction.