What I Am Learning

Kelly Burns
3 min readNov 10, 2021

During my first few months in Australia

A girl is working on her laptop with a small backpack and a hard drive attached to her computer.
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I am learning how to say my birthday backward with the day in front of the month.

I am learning to differentiate between a Koel mating call, a Corella, and a Cockatoo.

I am learning Greek words at home and less Italian than in the past 12 months.

I am learning that being kind goes a long way. Especially here in Australia.

I am learning how to live far apart from the people I have loved all my life.

I am learning to trade my anxiety for adventure and trying to be happy with my choice.

I am learning to trust others and learn from new people even if I am terrified to do that.

I am learning that people are the same everywhere. They love, they fear, they hope, and they worry about the future.

I am doing all I can to contribute to the household I am living in. I feel taken care of and I am trying to take care of others as well.

Apart from all this, there is much uncertainty for the future. I focus on what I can control and on small wins and accomplishing small tasks each day.

I don’t think I will move back to America. But I hope to make extended visits in the future.

I am happy with my life, being with my partner, and traveling. If I am to be truly happy, I must be traveling. I don’t think I would be happy if I cannot travel. I also would not be happy if I could not write and read, so I continue to make both a priority.

So many reflections are coming to me and I am starting to get a clearer view of just how stopped my life was when I was living in America. It was so hard to let go of what was familiar, but now that I have accomplished this, it does feel like the right choice for me.

I resisted it, but I finally broke away and so far life is good and I do not have any regrets about leaving.

I do miss my friends and my family. The people I have loved will continue to stay with me on my journey.

As we head into the holiday period, I am sure it won’t be easy. But I will do my best to make the holidays a festive time here while also remembering my family and video chatting with them while here in Australia.

Today is a particularly rainy day. We are not quite in summer here, but it will arrive soon, and hopefully, there will be some beach days and warm nights seaside.

I am looking forward to discovering new beaches but I also would not trade the rain for anything.

I will share more later. Thanks for reading and for participating in this journey with me.



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